Privacy Policy

All Personal Data collected from the User through the Platform shall be dealt in compliance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and as follows:

a. User agrees that Jom N Go Fast shall collect, record, hold, store and use the User’s Personal Data where it is necessary for Jom N Go Fast. The User’s information shall only be kept for as long as Jom N Go Fast is either required to by law or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.

b. The Platform shall not disclose the User’s Personal Data and the User shall remain anonymous.
c. The User agrees that Jom N Go Fast shall require the following Personal Data upon the User’s registration for an Account:-

i. Name;
ii. Address;
iii. Contact No;
iv. Email Address;
v. Date of Birth (Optional);
vi. Gender (Optional); and vii. Country of Origin (for Non Malaysian).

d. Where the User makes a Booking Order on the Platform, the User agrees that Jom N Go Fast may collect the following additional Personal Data:-

i. Telephone Number or Mobile Number;
ii. Pick Up and Delivery Address; and
iii. Feedback, ratings and appreciation;
iv. Transaction information;
v. Experience on the use of Services;
vi. Location data (to detect pick-up and delivery locations); and vi. Other data that the User provide through the communication function.

e. Jom N Go Fast collects the Personal Data which the User voluntarily provide for the purposes of:-

i. Interacting with Jom N Go Fast’s social media; ii. Participate in competitions or events organised by Jom N Go Fast; iii. Filling in demographic information on studies conducted by Jom N Go Fast.

f. The User represents Jom N Go Fast that Personal Data relating to a third party provided by the User by submitting such Personal Data to Jom N Go Fast shall have been obtained with the consent of the third party to provide Jom N Go Fast with their Personal Data for the respective purposes.

g. Jom N Go Fast represents and warrants to not collect any Personal Data from individual below the age of maturity (18). The User agrees that the User shall be over the age of maturity to place a Booking Order on the Platform. In the event the User is under eighteen (18), and the Personal Data of a minor is disclosed to Jom N Go Fast, the parent or legal guardian of the minor agrees and confirms that consent is given to the processing of the minor’s Personal Data. The parent or legal guardian personally accept and agree to comply with this Privacy Policy and be held responsible for the actions of the minor.

h. The information provided by User shall not be shared with any other organisations except for Jom N Go Fast’s corporate group and those third parties that are directly related to and necessary for the picking up and/or delivery of the products and other purposes for which the Customer have authorised. In exceptional circumstances where Jom N Go Fast shall be allowed to disclose such Personal Data where there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or required by the law.

i. The User agrees that Jom N Go Fast has the right over the collection, use, storage and transfer of personal data and also reserve the right to modify and change the Privacy Policy at any time and any changes to this shall be published on the Platform.

j. The User expressly consent to the disclosure of the User’s personal data to the Driver which is limited to the sourcing a Driver, confirmation/clarification of the booking information between the User and the Driver, and tracking the booked vehicles when the Services is provided to the User.

k. Jom N Go Fast is allowed to disclose the User’s personal data belonging to a Driver during the period of Services. The User represents and warrants that the personal data of the Driver shall not be used for purpose other than of using the Services.

l. The User agrees that by
(1) clicking “Yes” on Jom N Go Fast pop-up or any web form referring to this
Privacy Policy on Jom N Go Fast Platform;
(2) submission of the User’s Personal Data upon signing up of the Account;
(3) browsing on the Platform; or
(4) ordering any of the products and services on the Platform;
the User is agreeing to the terms of this Policy.


4.2.1 Jom N Go Fast represents and warrants that the collected Personal Data will be used for the purposes stated herein:-

a. to personalise the User’s experience by identifying the priorities and habits of the User in order to meet the User’s needs;

b. to improve the Platform of Jom N Go Fast based on the information and feedback provided by the User;

c. to improve the customer service by using the User’s Personal Data to respond to the queries and to provide effective support to the User;

d. to process transactions in smooth and secure manner;

e. for internal operations such as software trouble shooting bug and operational problems, controlling and analysing the latest trends of Customers; and

f. to conduct contests, promotions, surveys and other features.

g. if you are a customer, we will share the location of the pick-up and delivery locations with the drivers.

h. if you are a driver, we will share your Personal Data with the customer, including vehicle make and model, number plate and location.

4.2.2 Jom N Go Fast further represents and warrants that all Personal Data of the User whether public or confidential will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any third party for any reason without the prior written consent of the User save and except for the completion of the Service.


Jom N Go Fast undertake to take various precautionary measures to maintain the security of the User’s Personal Data when the User enter, submit, or access the personal information as such including (but not limited to) SSL certificate signing, TLS encryption and hash password storage. These measures are taken to protect all Personal Data of the Users from being accessed, collected, used, processed, copied, modify without authorisation or other risks.


4.4.1 The User agrees and provides Jom N Go Fast the permission to process the Personal
Data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy in relation to the data disclosed by the User. The User reserves the right to withdraw the consent and the Personal Data and other person’s personally identifiable Personal Data from the User’s Personal Data at any time in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

4.4.2 Data may be transferred from one country, state and/or city to another country, state and/or city while using Jom N Go Fast’s Services. The User understands and agrees to the transfer of his Personal Data to another country if required.


Jom N Go Fast may from time to time include or offer third party services and products within the Platform. These third party sites may have their own privacy policies that are separate and independent of this Privacy Policy. Jom N Go Fast will not be responsible or liable for the content and activities related to the third party site. Nonetheless, Jom N Go Fast strives to maintain the integrity of the Platform and welcome any feedback on the Platform.